Friday, February 27, 2009

Jindal Admits Lying

I think this is pretty big.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, getting his big introduction to the American public as the voice of Republican idiocy in response to President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress, actually lied ... and now the details are admitted.

It's one thing to lie about policy differences. We expect that, because you can always say it's just a matter of opinion. But it's a different animal to lie about your biography. In Jindal's case it was especially egregious because it put him in the midst of the Katrina hurricane as a hero along with some populist type of sheriff. Whether the sheriff really was all that, I don't know, but now we know Jindal wasn't right there with him, risking arrest for sending out unauthorized rescue boats. The entire rescue effort was on Jindal's shoulders -- only now it turns out it wasn't.

No one's going to forget this. Remember this is his big introduction. Jindal is a potential candidate for president in 2012. That's the rationale for putting him out there. And what do we take away from the experience? 1) The guy spouts right wing crap; 2) He projects all the strength and authority of a wet noodle; 3) His emotions are contrived and false; 4) He makes himself the hero of his own stories; 5) He's a liar. We shall remember!

Caught, just like that! I love it!

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