Wednesday, February 04, 2009

NY Times May Charge Again

They had Times Select for a couple years ... and that's been probably less than two years ago ... then it was done away with and the New York Times website became free for all again.

I was a subscriber for a while, but my interests come and go and so I dropped it. It's nice to see it free, but if they feel they need more money and want to charge, that's their business. Go for it.

I'm not a big reader of it anyway. Once in a while I'll catch a column. I'm not too interested in Maureen or Brooks or Kristol, who I understand is now gone. Who are the others? I don't even know. I like the liberal ones, Frank Rich?

The rest of the news sections might be for charge though. And sometimes I see some things in there. I'm having a hard time working up any objection to it, though. Whatever they want to do. It belongs to them. Charge if they want to.

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