Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Jindal Joke

That was a great speech last night, by President Obama. It was a hard day personally and by then I was getting fairly tired. But I wanted to watch the whole speech, and I made it. It was something that connected with me at an emotional level, to think this guy is actually our president! Finally, we have someone in office who gets it, who's on our side, who thinks good things can happen and not just more disaster! I was greatly cheered. Obama's got it going on!

It was hilarious watching the Republicans trying to sit on their hands and be obstructionists, even at a major speech. But finally they too must have got the message from the hinterlands that the speech was going over at 89% approval so far, so they faked their way into some fake enthusiasm. Gosh, how I'd love to see those creeps go down. Republicans. Bah.

Then it was time for the joke of the day, Bobby Jindal's response. Remember, I'm tired at this point. And the last thing I need to see is someone poking holes in the emotional connection we have, our sense of optimism in tough times... So what do we get? The idea that government can't do anything useful. All is lost, except for the repeated refrain that "Americans can do anything." Yeah, anything except band together with leadership to get good things done in a common cause. By "Americans can do anything," Jindal means small tribes of us moving about independently, two here, maybe up to a dozen, living off the land, striking out, accomplishing a raiding party on a neighboring tribe to steal their boat ... or something. Then to live happily ever after.

I was drifting during the sheriff's story, sorry. But I believe it had this basic point, that a sheriff and Bobby Jindall, alone, together, cleaned up the Katrina mess. No help from anyone else. Government, except for him as congressman and the sheriff as an elected official, had nothing to do with it! The example was given to keep us encouraged as we're foraging with those post-apocalyptic little bands of people told about above, and how much pluck we will need.

In short, the Republicans sent this yahoo out there to let us know they got nothing. They're serving in government ... why? ... because of their deep abiding belief that government can do nothing.

I would love to see President Obama manhandle them like a Hefty garbage sack ... and I believe I did see it.

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