Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stimulus Drags On

We've gone a long way from potentially having the bill on Obama's desk on Inauguration Day ready to sign. That's what I was looking for. Little did I know how overly optimistic that way. But why was it suggested and mentioned several times if it were outside the realm of the possible?

Instead, time drags on. The Republicans have all the glee of being obstructionists. They're in government for the purpose of -- no one knows exactly, except everything they touch tends to disintegrate. They're obviously not in power with any intention of actually doing anything good for the country. They showed that clearly in the Bush years, when they aided and abetted his criminality. Why anyone would vote for any of these Republicans is beyond me.

But now we have a stimulus bill through the Senate, thanks to three Republicans. If we had Al Franken on board like we should have they still would have needed one Republican, leaving Lieberman out of the equation. And yet that doesn't end it, because now we have to take it to conference and iron out the differences, blah blah blah. And I heard that Arlen Specter was threatening that he wouldn't support anything different from what he already voted on. That guy is such a twerp, as we've seen time and time again over the years. He's up in 2010, and it'd be nice to see him lose.

At this point, it seems to me we ought to pitch our support behind Obama and let him do what it takes to get us out of this mess. No one else is in a position to do it. Certainly not the Republican naysayers, bellyaching all the time. Their big idea -- more tax cuts for the rich -- we've already tried.

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