Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Sincere Hope

It is my sincere hope that the Republicans, in all their obstructionism and blatantly evil slams against President Obama, are simply cutting their own throats. That would make it worth it.

Surely the country is paying attention now even if we weren't before. We have a brand new president, with a sense of optimism and hope, who is doing good things for us, who has the best interests of the country at heart. Then we have the Republicans who are banging the drum for failure, praying for failure, and not even being quiet about it. They literally want four years of abject misery on all of our part, so that it might do them some short term political good down the road. Disgusting.

Notice this, country. There is one leader who is looking out for our interests, and all these scummy evildoers praying for our demise. The Republicans are beyond the pale. If they're indeed cutting their own throats in the long run, that alone will make it worth it. Leave them to their misery, and leave us alone. Thank you.

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