Monday, February 02, 2009

A Plumbing We Will Go

I was watching the Three Stooges' classic "A Plumbling We Will Go" this morning. I notice it always gets 4 or 5 stars, whichever is the best, from critics and fans.

I like it too. It's got lots of cool things, including the Stooges appearing in a magician's magic box. They're mistaken for plumbers, since they've stolen a plumber's truck, and when they come in to work on the plumbing, that's the last of the plumbing.

Curly is in the bathroom, and he doesn't realize that hooking up a piece of pipe to another piece of pipe that has water pouring from it will also soon have water pouring from the new pipe. He's very surprised. But he manages, with some extra work, to make a complete pipe trap, and there he is in the middle.

Larry thinks a lady's girdle is a straitjacket. But whatever it is, it makes a nice patch on a hole in the heating pipe he accidentally made. Moe is in the basement, directing the others in some of their labors, including Curly pulling the wires out of electrical pipe. They think a pipe is no place to keep wires.

An interesting bit in this show is the lady of the house demonstrates her new television. I don't think it's an actual television, but it at least looks like one. The announcer sends them to Niagara Falls, and it's exciting for the guests to see it. But then, because the Stooges have mixed the electricity and the water pipes, soon the TV screen is punctured and water comes pouring out.

At the end the magician is back and this time they have a nice special effect to have the Stooges plus motorcycle cops coming from the magician's box. You can see it faded out at the edges because it's some kind of overlay, but it seems like a nice way to end the comedy.

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