Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama's Reviews

I think Obama is getting pretty good reviews as president. I'm not reading any right wingers, because I know they can't be satisfied. Somehow they were satisfied with that criminal rat we had for eight years, but get a competent, honest guy in there and they can't be pleased.

It's getting to be the theme that the Republicans are obstructionists. I read it in my local paper today in an editorial. I like it when it takes root like that. We have a national crisis and all they can say is "No." It's funny, though, that now we have the spectacle of Republican governors who were opposed to the stimulus but are put in the position of not taking the money (against the likely wishes of their state) or taking the money (and looking like full blown hypocrites.) It's no coincidence that the Republican governors thinking about running for president next time are the ones dallying with the idea of refusing the money. I love it.

Personally I liked the idea someone in a comment floated that the law could have been written to send the money to whichever states had their representatives vote for it. As it is, they're reporting at Talking Points Memo, there are representatives out there who are taking credit for the extra cash for their districts even while they voted no! Something like that ought to be shouted from every rooftop. Look at these hypocrites!

To me, Obama is looking better everyday, and I already liked him a lot. And the Republicans are shrinking, shrinking, shrinking ... hopefully to the point that they wither and blow away entirely.

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