Saturday, February 21, 2009

Now That's What I Call Music - 8

I went back and got that CD that I wrote about yesterday, "Now That's What I Call Music - 8." I would like to have the full set without paying full price, and as long as I can get them occasionally at the thrift store, they're very cheap.

I was reluctant to buy this one, as I have others, because of its scuffed up condition. I'm just naturally finicky about wanting my stuff in good condition. But then sometimes I wonder why, just take a chance, you can always put toothpaste on it, transfer it to your Ipod and live happily ever after. You never know when another one will show up anyway. And there have been a few that I've passed up because of condition and haven't seen again.

I went back and it was still there. So I hem/hawed around about it and finally got it. And I'm happy so far, because I ripped it and it sounds good so far. Haven't heard any skips. I wasn't listening to popular music in 2001, the year of this CD, so most of the songs aren't familiar. But they definitely sound good -- they're new to me -- now. The last track is "Walk On" by U2, which I'm hearing right now (I started in the middle somewhere), and it sounds like a cool song. I've never heard it before.

Music is very cheap, if you're willing to wait a few years!

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