Sunday, June 28, 2009

Billy Mays

I saw someone on Facebook earlier today say "RIP Billy Mays," and I thought maybe he was referring to someone like a local sports announcer (or someone), someone I wouldn't know. I thought right away that I could respond, You mean the salesman on TV? But just as a joke. So I didn't give it any more thought, if it's a local sports announcer ... who cares?

Then hours later I checked out a news site and there was Billy Mays ... dead. Oh my gosh, not that guy! I couldn't believe it. He died in his sleep. He got hit on the head by some falling stuff in a plane. He was only 50.

I always hated to see him on TV, but it was a job for him, and apparently he was pretty good at it, since they're not going to have him for the salesman constantly if stuff isn't selling. If I had a remote I would get it muted right away, but I know there were other times when it wasn't possible (or feasible) to go for a mute button, like when I was in another room, and I'd hear that grating delivery. (This isn't an insult to the dearly departed, just the way it is. I wouldn't buy an album of his greatest commercials, even though obviously he was good at it.)

Anyway, it's something to feel grief about, after a busy week of deaths. Think of that, 50. He could've had 20 more productive years, maybe, selling stuff on TV. That's a lot of lost income to his family, which has to be sad. If he was ultimately killed by stuff falling on him, someone should pay.

He looked so vibrant, vital, and strong, with a beard I always figured had to be blacked in. It's too bad that something like this had to happen.

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