Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not Mellowing Out

This James W. von Brunn character was 88! Don't you think he'd be mellowing out a bit? There aren't that many people in their upper 80s who are out actively killing people in shooting sprees. Allegedly in his case.

Whatever happened in his life to make his thinking so twisted and weird, of course I don't know. But whatever it was, it apparently came and never left. Still, 88? He ought to be sitting on a porch somewhere complaining that the paperboy's late.

And as for "Holocaust denial," could there be any stupider idea? The history's right there for the whole world to see, including the blindest among us, those who will not see. Even they can see this.

The weird thing about that is that they actually want another Holocaust, or, I guess to them, a first Holocaust. Here's a line from a story about von Brunn:

The e-mails were getting violent in tone: "It's time to kill all the Jews."
He seriously denies the Holocaust? He seriously denies that others already tried to do what he would like to do now? That's delusional.

The only way Holocaust denial would make any sense at all is if you were truly so pure in heart and spirit that you could never believe that one person could hate someone else. That and you had no interest in history. But the fact that you'd be willing to do it yourself doesn't make you a credible Holocaust denier.

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