Monday, June 15, 2009

The Republicans' Own Fault

I heard a guy today, apparently an arch-conservative, who was really giving President Obama the business. According to him, Obama has "already ruined everything." He was speaking of Social Security, health care, and perhaps the Easter egg hunt, depending on how that went, which I thought was more or less OK.

Later I was thinking it over, that nobody forced the Republicans to spend eight years governing like criminals and bigots (against African Americans and Hispanics). Nobody forced them to give up key demographic groups. Nobody forced them to lie constantly to the American people. Nobody forced them to screw over the country and the world. Nobody forced them to spend us into the deepest hole of debt ever. Nobody forced them to ruin the economy. Nobody forced them into an ignorant war of choice.

If anyone is to blame for Obama being president (and actually I'm quite delighted he is president), the Republicans can look in the mirror.

So to this guy ... and every other person in the world like him ... bellyaching about Obama and the Democrats ... may you suffer everyday in a terrible way for the next eight years. And after that, if the Republicans still haven't got their act together, may you keep right on suffering.

We suffered through the Bush years. Now it's time for a taste of your own medicine.

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