Monday, June 08, 2009

Did Palin Plagiarize Gingrich?

It appears not, but she appears to have credited her source, an article that Newt wrote.

I heard part of the speech. What a dud. Great minds must think alike. If I'm looking for a source it's not going to be something Newt wrote.

C'mon, Palin, you want to be president, show you have an independent, non-cliched thought up there. And drop the "Golly gee, my audience is so much on my side I can just say trite things with an everpresent note of sarcasm and exasperation in my voice" attitude. When it comes to presidents we're looking for statesmen and stateswomen more or less in the mainstream, not extremist mockers.

By the way, that leaves Gingrich out. He dresses his extremism up like it's something academic, thereby meant to be acceptable. That's hardheaded, which we also don't want. It's basically Bush with the sheen of faux intelligence.

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