Sunday, June 07, 2009

Obama On TV

I didn't see the special by Brian Williams about President Obama when it was brand new, last week sometime, but caught part of it on the MSNBC reruns/documentary stuff they have on weekends.

The parts I saw were great. It was great to see behind the scenes even for those few minutes, and to think of how things are going at the highest echelons of our government. It all looked quite friendly and a thing of integrity.

It would've been interesting to see the same thing with the Bush White House, which must have been a place of absolute corruption and connivery. You've got the president authorizing one scam after another on the American people back then. In Bush's years the White House was a crime scene. I'd be afraid to touch anything lest I mess up fingerprints or something.

But with Obama, we have a person of integrity in there, and it really showed on this documentary. He's treating people right, has the nation's best interests at heart, cares about his family, etc. Plus he has Mrs. Obama and a great dog, Bo. So he looks like he's being a great president.

Even though the White House staff has to work major hours, they look like they're enjoying themselves quite a lot. I was thinking about them in their off hours, feverishly writing down notes about their day, so that they'll be able to write major books in the years ahead. And I was most amazed about the official White House photographer, following the president around all the time, snapping pictures. They said he takes between 700-1000 photos of the president everyday!

I would like to be one of the visitors to the Oval Office. I saw some other regular folks in there, like the little kid who was feeling Obama's hair. Hey, what am I, chopped liver? I could be a visitor too, couldn't I? I could pass any security test. I'm a nice person, an Obama voter, etc.

I think it'd be cool to reenact Nixon's meeting with Elvis. But you'd have me, a regular guy in an Elvis suit, and the exact same pose that Nixon had with Elvis. If the one guy takes over 700 pictures a day, he'd surely be able to get it right after a couple hundred tries.

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