Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Inner Piranha

This is the third in a burst of three "inner piranha" posts today. It suddenly came to me that this would be a good thing to do, after having written the first one. I will supply links after the third one is written. But I need to write while my inner piranha gives me the energy to do so, because as I said in the first two posts, and shall repeat, albeit not word for word...

My inner piranha tonight is a very tired fish.

You inner piranha is that force that allows you to be engaged actively with existence in an energetic, driving way. You see something, you go for it. You see a bargain, you grab it. You have an opportunity, you have seconds to spare, and it's Fish To The Rescue. He tears, chews, munches his way from start to finish. The shortest distance between any two points is not a straight line, it's a piranha who chews his way there, whether he has to make a circle to get there.

Every challenge you have, release your inner piranha and it will be dead meat. The fish has teeth like steel and an appetite to match. His drive is full of force. He arrives. That's what I do. I see an enormous task ahead of me. I have a method then of connecting to the void of every cell of my body simultaneously, which is where the piranha hovers up and down, like a carnival fish trapped in a tiny cup of water. The difference between these two fishes is that the piranha is a super hero and comes forth with unmatchable powers. The carnival fish is just hoping for a bigger cup.

So once I see the challenge and I make that connection, things start happening. I might raise my arms. I might raise my legs. But in any case, my body (mentally) becomes like a Swiss Army knife, able to do anything. Because the inner piranha is streaming forth, biting, chewing, drilling though to make dead meat of my task.

I get the job done. I have the willpower. I prevail.

But it's a give and take relationship, meaning I also have to give. The piranha needs to do more than work like a dog. It needs some downtime, some interesting things to do, some meat that is supplied is some way other than work. It wants to kick up its tail, settle back on its fins, and enjoy a plate of meat at a more leisurely pace. Just for the fun of it.

Lately, though, I haven't been true to my piranha's needs. And that doesn't bode well for the future, like let's say tomorrow. I might see a challenge, lift my leg and nothing will happen. Then I'll lift my arm and nothing's there. Soon the cells in which he lives will start shrinking, meaning he is shrinking, or, worse, has deserted me or has died.

Take care, dear friends. Take care of you inner piranha, and you'll have no better friend in your life.

[UPDATE: What is given above is the third of my three "inner piranha" posts today. The other two can be found, the first at Boy Leg and the second at Dada Boheme. Please note the many differences. This is a lot more work than I needed to do tonight. But my inner piranha wanted to get this accomplish, for his own purposes as much as my own.]

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