Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Forgotten Record

I was playing records out of a box (45 rpm) and came across an oldie that I'd totally forgotten.

It's one my family used to play, called "Greedy Old Dog" by Tex Ritter. It's actually in pretty good condition, which is surprising for all the times I remember playing it. But it sounds very nice still.

The lesson in this song is based on a fable (parable?) about a greedy old dog. He's got a bone in his mouth and is crossing a bridge on his way home. He sees his reflection in the water below but doesn't realize it's him. He wants to grab the other dog's bone and ends up dropping the one he's carrying. Pretty good.

Then Tex relates this fable to partners, men and women, that if you're stealing someone's sweetheart you might lose your own. But I don't think he means that the woman you're stealing is just a reflection of your own, i.e., the same woman. It's the greediness that's at issue.

The record is on Capitol Records, mid '60s.

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