Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sanford's Happy

Who's the happiest guy in the world that Michael and Farrah died? Mark Sanford. The news has forgotten him!

In other stupidity, how about Rush's assertion that Sanford's affair is President Obama's fault? Is it just me or does the party of "responsibility" always have someone else to blame for their troubles? That's a contradiction, in case you haven't noticed.

How did Obama manage to trip up Sanford in an affair. By passing the stimulus bill, which drove Sanford to distraction, so much so that he abandoned his wife and children and went to Argentina to have an affair with Maria. This is a great theory, because according to this theory Obama can do anything. Watch out, Rush, or he'll work his mojo on you...

As much as it'd be great if Obama were able to do this to his political enemies, of course Sanford was having an affair with Maria at least as early as July 2008, long before the stimulus. But how great it'd be!

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