Tuesday, June 16, 2009

John McCain AWOL?

Has the big guy said "Today we're all Iranians" yet? Probably not, since it would conflict with the McCain Doctrine for the region, which was "Bomb, bomb Iran."

Ha ha. Speaking of Georgia and all of us being Georgians, what's happening in our adopted country over there? And why don't we hear much about it anymore? Shouldn't John McCain be leading the way on our continuing solidarity with the people and whoever that leader they had was?

In other Republican scandals, what's his name? -- Sen. John Ensign of Nevada admitted an extramarital affair. Something about blackmail. So it's good to get this out there early, especially with 2012 coming. Maybe he can squeeze in under the McCain Rule, which said an old affair was OK.

At least he didn't pull a John Edwards, wait till the campaign was over with to mention it.

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