Sunday, June 14, 2009

Leon Russell - Carney

I've always loved this album. It's one of those sentimental favorites from youth.

I still have the original version I bought of this when it first came out, which is the cassette. I don't know if I've ever had the LP on this one, and I know for sure I've never had the CD. Just that cassette.

I went and got it out a couple days ago and I notice the original case isn't with the tape, so that's not a good sign. But the tape is still in good enough condition.

I hooked up my MP3 recorder to the cassette player and recorded it off, then put the track on the computer and separated the tracks and made individual tagged MP3s out of those. So now the album is also on my Ipod.

It doesn't sound too bad, pretty good in fact. I liked it. I listened to the first half, then into the second half while exercising and it sounded fine. Then the short track "Carney," then the next song, then finally into "If The Shoe Fits" before needing to turn it off and drive home. That song used to be a real favorite, but, I don't know, it's not my utmost favorite. It's still fun though.

I almost bought the MP3 download at Amazon, but it was almost $10. I could probably get a used CD for cheaper than that. And anyway, I already have this cassette ... I may as well get my money's worth, if I haven't already after all these years!

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