Monday, August 25, 2008


I've seen it cited numerous times that Obama said he intended to bring a gun to a knifefight. And today I see in Krugman's column that some were concerned that he intended to bring a knife to a gunfight.

I hope it's the first way around, a gun to a knifefight. Actually -- and I'm usually opposed to nuclear weapons, but this metaphorical -- I hope he brings nukes to a knifefight. My big hope is that Obama wins. But I'd love to see him win big and not just by 500 votes in an election so close that it takes a month of court proceedings to resolve it, like 2000.

All along the way, then, I'm hoping for the worst devastation that McCain can imagine. I'd love to see him and the Republicans completely decimated, an apocalypse now kind of scenario. Where they're in this bleak, post-apocalyptic, orange/hazy atmosphere, poking with sticks in piles of smoking rubble looking for electoral survivors.

My opinion, the Republicans have not shown themselves to have the best interests of our country and the world at heart. Why this is precisely, I can't figure out. Because I know they have children and grandchildren -- you'd think they'd want the best. But clearly they do not. This form of government by corruption is absolutely intolerable.

I have confidence in Obama that he knows what he's doing. So whatever he brings (knives, guns, tanks, bombs, nukes) to the fight, I'm sure he'll get it right. I do love the idea of a fight settled with shock and awe. Do it brutally, do it quickly, and get it done.

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