Thursday, August 28, 2008

McCain: Ludicrous Stuff

It's ludicrous to make fun of the set where Obama will make his speech. There's nothing intrinsically ridiculous about a nice set for a major convention speech. This is a realm that ought to be far beneath us. In fact, I don't believe I've ever heard of it before. You expect political conventions to go all out, to have nice surroundings, to have good stagecraft to lend something to their presentation and message.

If you're making fun of columns and pillars -- it's totally crazy. Look at the architecture of our public buildings, Washington, D.C. Notice anything about it? Greek designs? By now it's the American way. Plus, if you're making fun of stuff like this, you're logically cutting yourself off from the heritage we've had for the last 230+ years. Is it really worth it for the buzzing little short term political gain to exclude basic design from your life forever? Obviously not.

The real truth is that if McCain is reduced to making fun of stagecraft and design, then he really is bankrupt when it comes to things to say. If he has no more of a positive agenda than that, then consider him down the count, count him out, haul him off, and let's all move on.

I've seen the photos of columns and things at the Republican convention, behind other Republican speakers, behind McCain himself. Whether you have columns or not is clearly not the issue. It's simply this short-term political hogwash that's being spilled everywhere. And it's foolish, again, beneath the dignity of America.

McCain is powerful enough, right? to get a handle on his campaign. The man needs to raise his sights a bit, but this kind of hogwash is laughable, yet sad.

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