Sunday, August 31, 2008

McCain's Cabinet

We know what kind of great judgment John McCain used in picking Sarah Palin to be his vice president.

And that brings up the interesting guessing game as to who he might pick for his cabinet.

Someone at Daily Kos suggested he could just select from all the Miss America contestants, and I suppose there would be some well-qualified cabinet members there. We know they're all idealistic, wanting to find ways of bringing peace to all mankind. We might find one in that heady group, though, who's a scrapper and put her in as Secretary of Defense. Definitely Miss Michigan would be good as Secretary of Transportation, because Michigan makes so many cars.

Since anything goes when it comes to McCain, Cindy would probably be an excellent Secretary of State. I know she's already been to Georgia for a photo op, err, as a diplomatic envoy. For Secretary of the Treasury, you want someone who knows how to count money. It wouldn't be hard to find someone, like a bank teller or cashier somewhere.

As for the rest of the cabinet, some of those kids on "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" seem pretty brainy. They'd probably do just fine.

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