Monday, August 18, 2008

Obama's Veep

According to Drudge the announcement is likely Tuesday morning. According to common sense, it about has to be at least midweek. Since it's not a scandal or something dirty it won't be Friday.

Who is it? I've seen so many diaries on everyone, whoever it is I know someone's not going to like it. When it comes to pro's and con's everyone's got them.

My own sense of the thing is this, that Obama needs to pick whoever he wants. And the rest of us ought to fall in line and celebrate the pro's. We don't need a lot of negativity now, especially as it can feed into the GOP's likely response. No matter how much the candidate is vetted, and whoever it is, the GOP will have nothing but bad to say.

We have a nominee. We're going to have a veep. Once the veep candidate is announced there's no going back to whoever someone else's favorite was. The person he picks is the person we must support.

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