Friday, August 29, 2008

Suddenly Experience Doesn't Matter

To me, Sarah Palin seems like a disaster for McCain. One of his biggest arguments has been on experience. But what's she, the governor of Alaska for two years? That's it!

I would be concerned about that, kind of like we were concerned when Quayle was the veep for Bush the First. That whole "one heartbeat away from the presidency" thing is not just an academic issue. It's happened several times. And think about John McCain. We've had an awful lot of springs pass since he's been a spring chicken!

But it appears he needed a "game changer." Except the game isn't Tiddly Winks. The biggest downer for Palin would have to be that she knows she's not McCain's first choice. He obviously would've preferred Lieberman, was dying to pick Lieberman or Ridge. Or someone else who could shore up the whole argument he's been making. Palin was way down the dance list. Face it, the Republicans don't have decent people to choose from.

So McCain came at this choice from a position of weakness. He was forced into it by the socially conservative base. This is a victory for Dobson and the whole Looney Right crowd.

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