Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How Good Michelle Was

Michelle Obama did great, fantastic, in her speech. At my place, we were amazed not just at the speech as a speech but with the life story she has. There would be a hundred places in her life where it might have all broken down, but somehow, with great character, parents, all that, she came out on top.

One thing about this, if Obama wins, and maybe if he doesn't, they'll be an inspiration to millions of kids. Preferably he wins!

On the other hand, think of the "inspiration" the McCains would be to millions of kids -- let me rephrase that, probably hundreds of kids. Right-wingers whose whole mission in life is to lord it over others, leaving the rest of the world in the dirt.

Daddy, can I too grow up to be an heiress and do a few acts of compassion for show? Mommy, can I too cheat on my wife, be a temperamental old fool, use my biography to show myself a professional victim, and thereby become a big success?

It's not even close. The McCains may be worth a lot, but essentially they're worthless. Michelle showed the true worth, what results from a life of integrity.

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