Friday, August 22, 2008

McCain Goes to Buy Coffee

The man likes to live high on the hog.

Yesterday we found out that ultrarich John McCain has a home in every state and most foreign countries -- still working on a little villa in Georgia -- and today we hear that it takes a nine car motorcade for him to go to Starbucks! That last point is serious. When he goes out for coffee, he really goes out for coffee!

McCain, who huddled with advisors at his desert compound in Sedona, Ariz., said nothing in public. A nine-car motorcade took him to a nearby Starbucks early in the morning, where he ordered a large cappuccino. McCain otherwise avoided reporters.
So what would that be, like a $5,000 cup of coffee? A better way might be just stay wherever you presently are -- no doubt at one of your homes -- and send someone out for coffee. Then your cost is brought down to whatever a cappuccino costs at Starbucks, under 10 bucks.

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