Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mark Warner

So that was the great Mark Warner? His speech sucked, and he sucked. Such an anemic presentation, just a lot of kum bah ya pabulum.

What happened to great oratory, something rousing? I'm watching some of the speeches at the Democratic convention, and it sounds like ninth grade speech class. They're so glassy-eyed, trained on the teleprompter, with no sense of the audience, no sense of building up and blowing off some good Democratic steam. I thought we as Democrats were hyper-frustrated with George W. Bush and John McCain; I know I am. This kind of namby-pamby Tiptoe Through The Tulips la-la-la tone they're taking is not getting the job done.

Then we have our keynote speaker. And I'm getting dirty looks from my significant other by loudly proclaiming it anemic and sucking. Finally I went and got a pillow and blanket and said, Look I'm laying down and maybe I'll fall asleep. You don't fall asleep during the keynote address at the Democratic convention. Not in a year like this. But that was a speech that was a true snoozer.

John McCain doesn't have a mark on him. He doesn't even have to play Rope-A-Dope because the Democrats are floundering in the corner, maybe boxing shadows, certainly not going after McCain. It's disgusting.

Here's hoping Hillary Clinton does something better. She can't do worse.

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