Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yea, Biden

I'll be the last to toss in my 2 cents about Joe Biden. I'm glad for the great reception he's getting. He seems to definitely be the right guy for the job.

Biden's been a fun one to watch on TV over the years. Because of what's always said about him, that he has the gift of gab. But he has the gift also for making sense, and of speaking his mind. You see him on Hardball or one of the other shows and he makes pointed statements, with a real good understanding of things and not always strictly partisan. In fact, he's one I normally associate with being very honest and direct.

So, remember one of Obama's desires was for a VP to tell him his true opinion, not be a yes man. Well, if Biden is so honest and direct in public, imagine how he'd be in the Oval Office. Or in negotiations and talks with friends and enemies!

Now I'm kind of kicking myself, because I had an opportunity to go hear Biden, like at an event in someone's home, pretty much a close thing, and I didn't go. Now he's likely to be vice president. But, anyway. These things happen.

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