Friday, February 05, 2010

A Bad Computer Malfunction

I had a bad computer malfunction today. One that can't be fixed easily, such as snapping the stupid thing back on. Good grief, what ever happened to simple functionality?

I have a laptop computer and the SHIFT key went bad, then went askew, then came off all together when I tried to straighten it. But it's a keyboard where the keys don't just pop on and off. They're on there with tiny little hooks that are obviously prone to disaster.

The shift key hasn't been working well for a few days. I push it and nothing happens. Before that it was the A key that wouldn't work. Then the shift key, which is just down from the A. So I thought maybe there was a piece of dirt under there. I spritzed it with the canned air and it seemed OK.

Then today the Shift key took in again with the problems, until the incident described above happened.

Now I have to get it fixed, which is not a simple matter ... especially if you have to send it in. That can take forever. And apparently they have to wipe the hard drive clean to its original factory specs. I don't want that! I worked like a dog to get this computer set up the way I want, with the programs I want on it.

So I'm going to call the computer shops and see what my other options are. This is insane.

It's an HP notebook computer. I'm not happy with them right now. And I won't forget this.

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