Sunday, February 14, 2010

Battle Of The Vice Presidents

I only read a little bit of what Joe Biden had to say about Dick Cheney and the whole issue about how we should handle terrorists and terrorist suspeects.

First, let me say, Dick Cheney sickens me like few human beings can. I would rather look at fresh dog squat than see Dick Cheney. So anything he has to say, I have an instant revulsion toward it.

Joe Biden is right. Whatever he says. Because Dick Cheney is automatically wrong. The man's a criminal. There's no trust, zero trust for a crook like him. He needs to wither up and blow away. The sooner the better.

Now, throw into the mix, the original vice presidential idiot, Dan Quayle. Dan Quayle is in the news again. I thought he had withered up and blown away. But apparently no such luck. He was in the news saying that the Founding Fathers never intended for the Senate to function in a democratic way, like with majority votes on things. Which is kind of strange, because I remember the Republicans arguing differently a few years ago, i.e., that the filibuster was "unconstitutional." So these things must fluctuate depending on the fortunes of the Republicans.

Dan Quayle, though. I took some pictures of him one time and met him, I guess. We surely met, since we were both right there. He gave me a blank look like he wondered what I was doing. Taking pictures. But I'll spare everyone the pictures, assuming I could still find them after all this time.

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