Friday, February 19, 2010

Guys Who Remove Snow From Roofs

Here's a tough job for you, anyone who has the business of removing snow from roofs.

Everything's against them. Like this, you haven't called them unless it's bad up there, deep, icy, crazy. Anything less, like with a normal year, you don't even think of it. Then it's cold out, of course. Then the snow and ice, all that, is very heavy. Because it's been up there for a while, getting whatever warmth a warm day gives, then going cold and frozen again.

Add to all that that it's up on a roof. So they have to tie cables to trees and around themselves in case they might slip and fall off.

One other thing. If it's bad enough for one person to get their roof cleaned, it's bad for everyone. And that means they have many appointments. So they have to work to all hours so they'll be free tomorrow for someone else.

The guy on TV who does the "Dirty Jobs" ought to try snow removal from roofs!

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