Sunday, February 28, 2010

A New Jimi Hendrix Album!

I must have been living under a rock not to hear that there's a new Jimi Hendrix album coming out in March. How can this be?

I was Walmart today and saw a CD single from it, with a bonus track, plus a free download of something else. So I got one. The new long player is called "Valleys of Neptune," which is what this CD single is entitled too.

The CD single has the title track, plus an previously unreleased alternate recording of "Peace In Mississippi." I have several Jimi Hendrix albums but haven't got them memorized that I would know how any of this fits together.

The free download track is "Red House," as recorded at Clark University in 1968. I used to download Hendrix stuff like crazy off of Usenet, so I probably had this at one time. But then I got rid of all those downloads. So it's nice to have this one as a legal download.

Being unfamiliar with all the details of Jimi's recording sessions, I'm still wondering how it could be that there is this album out there. Why wasn't it released before?

Also, this CD single is numbered! I didn't notice that at the store. I didn't see it until I was busy reading the back. At the store I was just trying to find one that didn't have a cracked case. I hate that when brand new CDs are setting at the store in cracked cases. I should over and look at Walmart's eggs and see if every other one is broken. Probably not. Anyway, I found a couple (out of a total of about 6) that weren't cracked. So I would guess the other numbers were around mine, which was a little over 9000 out of 15000. I don't want to say exactly what number I got, just in case there's some collecting marauders in the area looking for this particular one. Very paranoid.

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