Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Theory Of Gravity's Only Half True

The theory of gravity's only half true. And the way I believe, if something's only half true it's not true. If it's half false, it may as well be all false. So, unless someone can prove it to me beyond a shadow of a doubt, and I guarantee I won't listen, then I have no reason to believe it.

The same thing about all this so-called global warming. If it's cold out, that proves the theory of global warming is not true. And even if it's half true, see above, it's not true at all.

I keep hearing the self-appointed experts telling us there's a difference between climate and weather. That climate is the overall macro system and that weather is the micro, incidental, ever shifting phenomena of climate. To which I say, that's a lot of very big words, meant to confuse the issue. If you can't say it simple enough for a simple man like me to understand, then why waste so much hot air? I'm not listening!

OK, I hear you, what's this about gravity being only half true? Think about it. If I throw a ball up in the air, it's only falling half the time. Half the time it's going up. Proving that gravity is not a constant force. Therefore it could only be half true. Therefore it's not true at all.

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