Thursday, February 04, 2010

Palmer Cortlandt

I forgot to mention that James Mitchell died the other day, who played Palmer Cortlandt on "All My Children."

His actual name was Pete Cooney. I don't know how he got the name Palmer Cortlandt, unless he just adopted it when he left Pigeon Hollow. Dixie, his niece, was a Cooney as well.

I was glancing at a few websites and was reminded of a few of his story lines. One of the biggies was his interference in his daughter Nina's love life. She did get married to Cliff Warner. That's been a long time ago and I don't remember all the details. I know Nina had other love interests, such as a doctor, whose name I forget. I remember he pronounced "Sorry" as "Sore-y."

A couple of story lines I didn't see mentioned include these two (again, details are sketchy):

--Palmer had a treasure trove of art masterpieces in his basement or a secret room. He was a smuggler or bought them somehow on the black market. He essentially gave up Opal his wife over these pictures. Because he chose them over her.

--Palmer and Opal owned a restaurant called the "Chicken Shack." As I recall, Cortlandt (his electronics, computer company) was on the outs or was bought out, and so they started this little chicken restaurant. One of their employees was a relative's son, Del Hunkle. Also from Pigeon Hollow, and Dixie's half brother. She ended up giving him a kidney, which irked Palmer, to say the least. Del's father was named Seabone Hunkle. There were lots of comical bits with the "Chicken Shack." It was Palmer at his lowest, but also his funniest.

We always loved Palmer, such a devious, terrible guy!

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