Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What's Happening In Politics?

Good grief.

Am I about getting sick of seeing President Obama, day after day, pursuing the Republicans like a jilted lover who can never get the message? At this point I wouldn't doubt it if he's got a ladder up against their house at night, peeking in their windows. The guy cares more about what the Republicans think about him than he does us. It's getting ridiculous.

He needs to get the message. They are actively working for his failure, the failure of his agenda, and the frittering away of his power and legacy. Actively, Mr. President, as in you down for the count.

Just do something, steamroll them, get the best of them. See those things dangling between their legs? Cut them off! I thought the President of the United States was "the most powerful man in the world." But here we have the daily spectacle of all these Lilliputians tying him down and dancing a jig on his forehead. I'm getting downright sick of it.

Then in other news, speaking of nut jobs, we have Sarah Palin out there running for president. She actually said it'd be "absurd" for her not to be considering a run for the presidency. I too often think of the word "absurd" in relation to Sarah Palin as president.

It's funny, I heard a quote she gave, something to the effect of, if she were president, she vowed that she wouldn't know any more about any issue than the common person knows! I would guess that'd be true, but it's a heck of a vow to make. Just speaking for myself, I want the president to know more about policies, intelligence, and all the rest than I know. I mean, I'm not the dumbest guy in the world. But my access to top level briefings is just not there. They haven't given me one yet! That's a heck of a vow she made!

It was reported -- I heard the quote -- that she thinks we ought to go to war with Iran. Just like that. War. Someone please spare us such ignorance. Remember, I haven't had any briefings, but even I know the next legitimate step in our relations with Iran is something short of all-out war.

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