Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nature -- The Real Terrorist

I have a few snowdrifts in the yard I'd love to see sitting in jail. For trespassing. They're trespassing all over town, actually. And numerous 300 pound icicles are pulling the eaves down all over town, clogging up all our well designed waterways.

That's just me and my little town. Nationally, they're saying the snowstorm on the east coast is Snowocalypse and Snowmageddon. To which we might add Snowzilla, Snowkong, Snowqaeda, and Snowpublican. If we settle on Snowpublican, then we will have probably the best idea of the amount of damage, suffering, and misery the snow is able to bring.

Now, what's behind all this misery? Nature. The so-called benevolent force that makes up our environment and our very being. Meaning, if you really think about it, we have the seeds of the greatest terrorism in our very blood and being, because we're made of this terrible force called Nature. There really is nothing more insidious than Nature. Just think, you can't talk or even think about Nature without Nature itself, because it's what we are. If I try to peer around a corner to peek at Nature, Nature's right there over my shoulder looking with me! It's like trying to outrun your shadow. It can be done, if the sun's in the right place. But every time you look down, you notice it's caught up with you.

Now I read that New York has been shut down, essentially. And Washington, D.C. And they're not letting people into that field in Pennsylvania. The terrorist is laughing with glee, the terrorist called Nature.

Think about Al Qaeda. They're pipsqueaks compared to dreaded Nature. Yet if they put a firecracker in their underpants we think the world's coming to an end. Then Nature can cause untold death, misery, and expense -- running in the 100s of millions of dollars just to close down the government for a couple days -- and we take it in stride, saying "We can't do anything about it." Ho hum.

Somehow, someway, we need to retaliate. Like the Tea Party people say, I don't remember any attacks by Nature while Bush was president. Just sunshine and an occasional gentle rain.

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