Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Advertising XM Radio

This is funny.

I wrote a post the other day excoriating XM Radio for their terrible tactics against the customer when you're trying to cancel your account.

Now, because I mentioned XM Radio, ads for XM receivers are appearing on my blog. That's funny.

To be fair, their service is pretty good, you know, if you want to listen to the radio. It's always on, there aren't outages that I can recall. Yes, they switched the channels from a bunch of good ones to a bunch of semi-good or bad ones, but that's progress (snicker). I'm not a stick in the mud.

My own thing is simply this, that I quit listening to it along the way. The idea of having a radio in one solitary place in your house -- because you have to have the antenna out a southerly window -- doesn't lend itself to listening to the radio for hours (or even minutes on end). What am I going to do? Live in that room?

It's not that I wouldn't want to listen to it. Although also some of the work I do requires concentration and I can't have a radio playing all the time. Which is neither here nor there.

My objection to XM at this point was, when I went to cancel it they treated me like dirt under their feet. After having been a faithful customer over five years. At that point, simply thank me and wish me well. Who knows? I might've gone back to them if they only knew how to manage a nice breakup.

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