Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sarah Palin's Handprompter

It bothers me to see people write notes on their hand. I know a guy who'll do that once in a while. You tell him a phone number and he's scribbling it on his hand. Maybe it goes back to when I was a kid. My mom always said you shouldn't write on yourself, that the ink will hurt you. Anyway, we didn't go in for tattoos or any kind of body enhancement or defacement.

Well, whatever my past is in regards to this, here's what Sarah Palin's present is, writing notes on her hand for interview answers.

They have the picture at this link. She had written on her hand the very tough concepts to memorize: "Energy, Budget (or Tax) Cuts, and Lift America's spirits." They even have a picture of her referring to this impressive list. Oh, that is so pathetic! And she just had a speech in which she reportedly mocked President Obama for using a teleprompter! Here's some advice to Sarah Palin: "TELL IT TO THE HAND!"

You've got to HAND it to her, she's definitely got some ideas. Except they're not in her HEAD, they're on her HAND. If you ever get to meet Sarah Palin, please don't shake her HAND until after the speech. If too many people did, it'd be a blur and she'd be up there going, "Blub, galug, potaky." Too many smudges!

If she goes to a palm reader, the lady would say, "Your lifeline says you want to 'Lift America's Spirits.' How about going home and taking care of your kids? We don't want you. That would lift our spirits immediately!"

This woman -- face it, idiots -- is the dumbest woman in America. The idea of her ever being president is ridiculous in so many ways, you'd think anyone who'd suggest it would be committed to the nearest funny farm. Do we still have funny farms? We'll need some if people suggest her for president. It's totally ludicrous.

But the bright side of Sarah being president would be the short speeches we could look forward to. Whatever she can cram on her HAND! Just hold it up, we'll read it, and save time.

By the way, wasn't she using a teleprompter at her big speech at the Republican convention? I don't remember seeing her reading her HAND. But that was a lengthier speech, probably would have to be continued on her LEG.

"And in conclusion, my fellow Republicans, Blub, galug, potaky. And God bless the United States of America."

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