Saturday, July 25, 2009

A 1949 Nickel

I noticed a 1949 nickel in my change today. I don't usually look through my change, but I noticed it when I took it out of my pocket at the exercise place. I don't want all that change rattling around (and weighing me down) while I'm doing my best to exert myself on the machines.

So there it was, right on top. With the outlines of everything on it being clear from all the dirt at the edges from over the years. It's hard for me to believe this coin's been out there kicking around for 60 years, but who knows the story!

1949 is before my parents were married. I don't know if they even knew each other yet. Curly from The Three Stooges was still alive. (These are the big historic markers for me, what was going on with my parents and what Curly Howard was up to.)

So a 1949 nickel is an oldie but a goodie. I don't know whether to put it on my shelf (why would I do that?) or just let it go back into the wild. I probably will do that, in order to give the next guy something to think about too.

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