Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I guess the whole birther thing has had its ascendancy and is now burning out. It's kind of too bad since it's good to have the GOP deeply sidelined with conspiracy theories and wacko stuff.

I'm thinking it's about done because of Bill O'Reilly's report on the subject, reading his viewers' mail and rebutting them. I'd never seen a Bill O'Reilly video in which he seemed to be coming down on the sane side of an issue. The guy's such a loon. But in this case, he seemed positively level headed.

I don't watch his show, so this may periodically happen.

Now the nation's biggest loon seems to be Lou Dobbs. Didn't he start out as a normal guy a few years ago? Then he went on to deride Mexicans and he hasn't been the same since. I believe his first hobby horse, that I can remember, was outsourcing of jobs. Whether that's still a concern of his, frankly I won't watch his crappy show anymore so I don't know. The whole immigration hobby horse became old fast. We'd see it while flipping channels.

It's kind of like Maury's show, except Maury has nothing but DNA tests for paternity. We ought to do a mash-up, the Maury Dobbs show, DNA tests for illegal aliens. Or a mash-up of Lou Dobbs and Jerry Springer, fights with burly guys in black shirts breaking them up.

You know, if you record a Jerry Springer show and listen carefully to the bleeping, it's Morse Code for "Why are you wasting your time watching this crap? On the other hand you could be watching Lou Dobbs, so you may as well stay right here."

Now I hear that O'Reilly is going to have Dobbs on his show, maybe he already did. Now there's a match up. Get the Springer guys over there, see which one would win in a fight.

I'll tell you someone else I can't stand. Whoever Dobbs' minions are on his show, his correspondents. At least when I used to see it, it was hilarious. They were so afraid of disagreeing with Lou that they became nothing but parrots for whatever he says. "Rawwk, Mexicans are bad!"

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