Sunday, July 12, 2009

Health Care

I'm grimacing. I'm not reading all these articles about Congress because it's all so depressing.

When Bush had a Republican Congress, they did what he wanted. I hated it at the time but that's what they did. Now Obama has a Democratic Congress, and they don't want to do what he wants. I hate that, because I want some stuff done while the doing is good. Like health care.

Now I saw a headline (I didn't read the article) that they're saying they can't come up with a package that would pass before whatever Obama's deadline is, in August sometime. That sucks. Let's get the thing done.

I don't know why it is precisely, except special interests and corruption, why these Congress critters from our party can't rally around the fact that we have an opportunity now to get this accomplished after all these years. But no, they're going to drag their feet, compromise, get some watered down version of the thing that won't come near to solving the problem, and that's what we'll be stuck with.

The voters will stick with you if you do the right thing. But if you dilly dally and screw it up, as sure as anything, they'll vote the Republicans in again. Get the stupid thing done!

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