Sunday, July 05, 2009

Lunch With Micky Dolenz

Win a lunch with Micky Dolenz. I happened to stumble upon a page at eBay, where Micky sells lunch dates with himself for $1,750.

Good grief. That sounds weird. Pay someone to go out to lunch with them. What a meaningful experience!

But look at all you get:

Offered here is an opportunity for you + 1 friend to have lunch with me at a prestigious Los Angeles area restaurant. Over lunch, I'll be happy to discuss a variety of topics regarding my career with the Monkees and beyond. During your visit you will receive a special autographed 8x10 photo, autographed drum sticks and my "LIVE" CD, also signed, to commemorate the occasion.
To me this is pure yuck. And I'm actually a fan.

In related news, a guy won a lunch with Warren Buffett, for $21 million. Maybe this is why Micky's selling all the lunches, trying to save up to go out with Warren. But maybe Warren's a big Monkees fan and would just give him $1,750.

That is one sick sounding blurb: "I'll be happy to discuss a variety of topics..." Then there's the autographed drum sticks, which of course melt if you keep them out of the freezer too long.

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