Thursday, July 02, 2009

1954 Capitol Records Contest Winners

Here's one of my favorite oddball records, meaning a record that was custom made, homemade, or a very limited production. (I'm speaking like one of the guys on this record, Raymond, most indubitably!)

Capitol Contest Winners - Roma, Raymond, Jim, Bozo

It's 1954, and at Younker's department store in Des Moines there's been some kind of contest in conjunction with Capitol Records, win a trip to New York.

Roma and Raymond (Roma Kelley and Raymond's last name sounds like Dickers or Deckers) are interviewed by Jim at Capitol Records.

They tell about their experiences, the churches they've visited, the cinema, going to the opera, wanting to go to the World Series, etc.

Raymond has a most impressive vocabulary, and sounds like a very learned gentleman.

Toward the end there's a surprise visit from Capitol recording artist Bozo the Clown! That's cool, huh?

I'm thinking if they had this contest in Des Moines, they probably also had it in other cities across the country. Meaning there would likely be variations of this record with other winners. But looking around the internet, I don't see any reference to such.

The record is one-sided, 33 rpm, and I took out or reduced the pops and clicks. There's some scratches you can feel.

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