Friday, July 10, 2009

Economic Stuff

The Republicans continue to sicken me.

I hear they're out there complaining about how slow the stimulus is as far as reviving the economy that their guy ruined. They're complaining about President Obama not being able to have everyone fully employed yet. They're nothing but complaints.

The weird thing about this is so far they're getting exactly what they wanted. We all know 100% the Republicans didn't want the economy to revive, and they still don't. So it's a bit of a theatrical act to have them on TV complaining when they're getting what they actually wanted.

They're essentially traitors to the rest of us. For their short term political gain they want the United States to go down the tubes. But then when problems continue on, they're right there with their continual crocodile tears. I for one am not fooled.

I believe we could back up the tape and see that the Republicans didn't think anything needed to be done to fix the economy. Maybe cut taxes, the same old Bush prescriptions that got us in this mess.

The guy from wherever, Boehner, what? Ohio? went back home and said the stimulus wasn't doing anything in his state. Like zero. Then they found out with was $50 million or something already, and he needed to admit he had it wrong. Stinking jokers.

As for the Democrats in Congress, I wish they would be on the same page. Why is it that we can take control of Congress and have our side fighting like cats and dogs? It's ridiculous. Get this stuff done. Fix the economy, get health care right, etc., and people will reward you. Some of these creatures need to be replaced, of course, but to do it is harder than saying it.

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