Friday, July 03, 2009

Jewel Food Stores Record - 1952

Here's an interesting record and I don't see any other mention of it on the internet.

I had no idea what "Jewel" was until I listened to the record a couple times. At first I thought it was a restaurant. But then that didn't make any sense, with 80,000 housewives, etc. So it turned out to be a grocery store. And it was called "Jewel Food Stores."

From Wikipedia:
In 1932, Jewel acquired the Chicago unit of Loblaw Groceterias, Inc., then a chain of 72 self-service stores, as well as four Chicago grocery stores operated by the Middle West Stores Company, and began operating them under the name Jewel Food Stores, Inc.
There's someone with a blog on old retail stores. And so check out this link for some photos of Jewel Food Stores in the '50s.

The record is by the Modernaires, called on the record the Modernaires 4 Rhythm. It was put out on a Chicago label, from the Master Record Company, and given the number Jewel No. 1. "If It Sparkles, It's A Jewel."

The year is 1952. It seems to be honoring Jewel's 20th year and they were thankful for their customers supporting them.

This is a one-sided disc.

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