Friday, July 31, 2009

MoveOn Targeting Blue Dogs

MoveOn is targeting Blue Dog Democrats who vote about the health care bill.

MoveOn has produced a hard-hitting ad that will be unleashed in the districts of any Blue Dog Dems who vote against the House Dems’ health care bill in committee today — a warning shot that’s intended to preview the broader ad campaign that will target Blue Dogs who continue to block reform throughout August, I’m told.
Thank goodness for MoveOn. This is exactly what should happen. If we can't depend on Democrats to uphold Democratic values, then what good are they?

This article is on the House side. But the same thing goes for the senators. These creeps like Max Baucus and Ben Nelson, what are they good for? What's it even matter if they're Democrats if we can't tell the difference between them and the Republicans? Flush 'em.

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