Wednesday, July 22, 2009

President Obama Tonight

The guy continues to amaze me. I think he's a great president.

I don't understand at all the opinion polls that show that he's losing some favor with the American people. It makes me wonder what they're expecting. He was given the worst problems since the Great Depression from the Bush administration. It's going to take some effort to clean it up.

And they complain that his stimulus isn't working fast enough. Which is an interesting complaint, since the Republicans' prescription for what ailed us was to do nothing. How doing nothing would be proactively any better than doing something, that's a head scratcher.

I wonder if the Republicans use that logic if one of their houses is on fire. Should I call the fire department? Why bother? The fire will go out eventually. But wouldn't it be worth the effort to save your house, if possible, or at least some of your stuff, or keep other houses in the neighborhood from burning down? It seems like that's what we have a fire department for.

Anyway, the President was on tonight and I watched big chunks of it. Good stuff. The man's still got it. He is as smart as they come. And he seemed to have some confidence that this health care reform would get done and that it would be a positive thing. When it came to George Bush, if he said the same thing I wouldn't have believed him. If George Bush offered a child a shiny quarter he'd be lying. But not Obama. He's believable and decent.

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