Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Bug In My Coffee

Today when I got up, I needed to empty my coffee carafe from yesterday. And I got a weird surprise when I unscrewed it and emptied it and a bug fell in the sink. Oh no! A little bug maybe a half inch long with pincers on one end. I've seen a few of these around recently.

He must have crawled in the hole, which is sealed, so he must not actually have been inside where the coffee was. But it was gross. When it came time to wash the carafe I washed it extra well!

As for the bug, I looked down in the sink, and somehow he survived. So I picked him up with a paper towel, then he was walking around the paper towel, and I got him outside and let him go.

I do not like to see insects in my coffee, my food, anything really.

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