Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Waiting For The Record Fairy

I'm waiting for the record fairy to show up, to lead me to lots of great records in great shape at a cheap price.

I don't know why I want them precisely, just more baggage to carry around, but I'm enthused by the idea of great records in great shape at a cheap price. I know you can find lots of great records in great shape at collectors' prices easily enough. But I'm also a cheapskate. I like boxes of them at a dime apiece or, you know, 50 cents. Like that.

It's happened before ... and I have faith ... I feel like I've been given the assurances from on high that someday ... eventually ... it's going to happen again!

She'll be winging her way over my neighborhood thrift stores. Some old guy from town or out in the country will drop dead (it sometimes happens this way) and his kids, grief stricken and just wanting to get rid of stuff, will listen to the subtle whispers of the record fairy, then take the records to a place, one of the thrift stores, where I will be the first customer through the door.

Destiny is a fun thing. I don't always have faith. But I see it work out in many ways. Whether it's the record fairy, or just all the other fairies in charge of things that I want, eventually they all come through for me. It's just a matter of faith, persistence, and making sure I'm the first customer through the door when the new stock comes out.

Also if I could get the power to put a hex on everyone else who might be interested, to keep them far away.

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