Monday, July 20, 2009

From Cronkite To Beck

Walter Cronkitemania is sweeping America now that he's passed on. Fans are lined up outside the Staples Center. His old CBS newscasts are number one on iTunes.

It's weird that once upon a time we had a few TV channels and respectable guys on the news. We really looked up to these guys, Huntley and Brinkley and Cronkite, etc.

If they would've told us one day we'd have 24 hour a day news we would've been as happy as clams. That would have been awesome.

But how has it turned out? We have 24 hour a day news channels and they're wall to wall crap. You can't stand to turn it on because it is wall to wall crap. With just a few exceptions.

We have this scurrilous knave, Beck, who symbolizes all that's wrong with the whole scene. I don't personally watch him (ever) but I've read about him on blogs (and seen a few minutes of clips), so I know he's trash.

Quite a descent. Like that famous evolution progression in reverse. We are Devo.

Seriously, get rid of the news channels and have an hour or half hour every night like we used to. It would truly be progress.

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