Friday, July 17, 2009

Amazon Selleth, Amazon Taketh

This is ridiculous, that users of the Kindle reading thing can wake up to find their books gone.

According to this article, that's what happened. The books were Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm, which the publisher decided, apparently, they didn't want to be available for the Kindle. Which of course would be fine for future sales, but past sales??

The books were deleted and the users given a credit. Unbelievable! As crazy as anything I've heard. That would give me a reason right there to ignore the Kindle. As if I didn't have enough reasons. I like books I can get my hands on. Books that will be with me when I'm in the nursing home someday. Not here today and gone tomorrow. I thought that already in the electronic sense, with the thing breaking. But I never imagined that you could buy something and have it gone tomorrow. I'm floored really.

I've been buying MP3 files at Amazon. I hope I don't wake up to see them all deleted somehow. Not that I see how they could do that. But they could have something embedded in them to make them quit working. What do I know about an MP3 file? Let's say I sign into the Amazon and they download a code to my computer that says none of my MP3s should work anymore. Because the record company didn't want them sold anymore.

I've bought books from Amazon too. I definitely don't want to wake up at night and have Amazon going through my shelves looking for them because the publisher changed their mind. This thing with the Kindle is just as ridiculous.

Talk about Orwellian.

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